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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Edward Cayce was one of America's famous male psychics fondly nicknamed “the sleeping prophet”, and was renowned for his trance readings where he diagnosed illnesses and prescribed the remedy.
He practiced absent healing for forty three years, curing people from all over the globe. Oddly enough, he never went further than grammar school, and never studied any form of medicine. But his psychic unconscious mind allowed him to prescribe remedies for the illnesses he uncovered while in his trance.
Edward Cayce psychic at 21
Edward Cayce was born in Hopkinsville, Kentucky on the 18th of March, 1877, possessing psychic powers since an early age. His powers only came into full swing when he was twenty one and working as a salesman. He encountered medical injuries that made him incapable of continuing his work as a salesman. It was then he enlisted the help of a hypnotist who provided a temporary relief for his medical condition. In his state of hypnosis, Cayce was asked to describe his cause of affliction and a cure, and by the end of the session, his voice had been cleared.
Thus began his journey of psychic curing. This lead thousands and thousands of people fleeing to him in search of cures, despite the absence of a medical degree. His psychic powers were so great that he didn’t have to physically see someone, he merely put himself into a trance and told the people what he saw was wrong with them, providing a cure as well.
In 1943, Edward Cayce’s biography There is a River, was published, encouraging thousands more to seek his help. August 1944 saw his collapse from exhaustion, and even his own readings warned him to ease up, and thus lead him to retreat for a while to regain his strength. On January 1st 1945 he told his friends he would be healed by the 5th of January, and on that day he died peacefully in his sleep.

Monday, July 02, 2007

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Our "Alien and Supernatural Encounters" forum at Delphi Forums was formed to amass data concerning encounters with alien and supernatural forces beyond the limits of our normal experiences and perceptions. Please share your experiences with us!
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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ghosts, double exposures, or reflections?

UFO Area 51 - The Alien Interview 01

ABC news GHOST video (Ghost or hoax?)

Vatican City Ghost

Tourist captures on video, unexplained paranormal activity while vacationing in Vatican City.

Scientists assess DNA Hair sample from Human being apparently not from Earth

An Australian's contact with a Human-looking Extraterrestrials has resulted in a DNA test of their biological material. The intriguing results demonstrate the need for more intensive scientific research on Extraterrestrials, in the West.
The full case report by leading Australian researcher Bill Chalker was originally published in the Spring 1999 edition of International UFO Reporter, the quarterly journal of the Chicago-based J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS).
Peter Khoury, the subject of this case, was born in Lebanon in 1964 and moved to Australia in 1973. There he met his future wife Vivian at school in 1981. Peter and Vivian were married in 1990 and had two children, and lived in Sydney, at the time of this report.
Peter and Vivian had their first UFO experience in February 1988, a simple sighting of unusual moving lights. But in July of that year, Peter had a deeply disturbing, consciously remembered contact experience that, he says, changed his life.

UFO in Maine? More Unusual Lights Fill Skies

From the Carolinas to Arkansas to the deserts of Arizona unexplained lights have filled the night skies of late . That means local news stations and 911 switchboards get calls as people try to explain what at times seems like the unexplainable. Since the UFO appeared over Chicago's O'Hare airport in November, it appears that people are more concentrated on the skies.
This time a report comes in from Maine. According to the Morning Sentinel Callers from four southern Somerset County towns reported seeing strange lights in the sky Wednesday night. According to the paper, a caller from Skowhegan Road in Fairfield reported seeing strange lights in the sky, heading south. A Norridgewock caller said he saw lights, called the Brunswick Naval Air Station, which told him they were not aware of anything going on. The caller from Norridgewock Avenue in Skowhegan reported seeing yellow lights in the sky over Skowhegan.
The report also notes that another caller told dispatchers she saw reddish-orange UFOs through the trees. She said she saw three diagonal lights, then two and then one, before it “burned up like a comet.” Is there an easy explanation? Perhaps.
A spokeswoman from the Vermont Air National Guard confirmed that the unit was conducting training missions through that area Wednesday night. An F-16 flying overhead, the source said, would cause considerable noise.

Bigfoot rumors afoot in Va.

Bigfoot is out there, they are sure.
So when a discarded foot found in a Spotsylvania County landfill turned out to be more apelike than human, some Bigfoot hunters seized on the possibility the appendage belongs to the elusive creature they claim wanders North America's woods.
Why the leap to what some people are calling the Spotsylvania Sasquatch?
"Legends persist because they fascinate, because they provide a solution in a wondrous world," said Elissa R. Henken, an English professor at the University of Georgia who specializes in folklore and legend. "We are aware of a world that has much more in it than any one of us experiences."
Russell Tuttle, a University of Chicago anthropologist who specializes in primate locomotion, thinks the appendage is the skinned hind foot of a bear. He said the quest for Bigfoot is "an escape from the realities of life, like focusing on soap operas and the personal life of often-pathetic celebrities."
He added: "I pray this does not start an armed search for Bigfoot in the area. One is more likely to shoot a person in disguise, a person hunting, oneself, someone's farm animal."
But Bigfoot hunters consider themselves realists. William Dranginan of Manassas, who heads the Virginia Bigfoot Research Organization, admits that his heart fluttered at the possibility the foot belonged to a Bigfoot. But he also thinks it's a bear's foot.
Matt Moneymaker, president of the California-based Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, said one of his group's 200 members is a world-class hunter who has skinned more than 200 black bears.
"That hunter, in British Columbia, is certain that this is the skinned left hind foot of an Ursus americana," or North American black bear, said Moneymaker, whose quest for Bigfoot has been documented by National Geographic.
Jeffrey Meldrum, an Idaho State University anthropologist who is a proponent of Bigfoot's existence, said bear remains are commonly mistaken for humans. Like others who have seen photos of the foot, he said it appears the ends of the toes, including the claws, were probably removed and remain with the pelt.
The state medical examiner's office in Richmond determined that the 8-inch-long foot belonged to an "apelike species" based on X-rays, according to Spotsylvania Sheriff Howard Smith.
Authorities initially thought the foot was human and possibly evidence of a homicide. Sheriff's deputies and others combed half of a 127-ton load of fresh garbage for other body parts after landfill workers found the foot Feb. 10 in the treaded tracks of a bulldozer.
The medical examiner's office is continuing its investigation, spokesman Arkuie Williams said Friday, adding the office has not determined the foot belongs to an apelike species.
"I don't know where that came from," he said, promising the office will make public its final determination. Even so, the sheriff has said he plans to send the foot to another expert to examine.
Idaho State's Meldrum said officials should have publicly cleared up the matter by now. "The handling of the situation, as it's been portrayed in the press, has been extremely clumsy," he said.
He also said delay in reaching a conclusion only fuels speculation and contributes to people dismissing evidence in other cases, such as footprints or sightings.
"It just adds to the stigma that Bigfoot researchers are grasping at straws," he said.
Although he now believes the find is a bear's foot, Dranginan, who claims he spotted a Bigfoot in Culpeper County in 1995, has a ready answer when asked why someone who possessed a prized Bigfoot would discard part of it in a landfill.
"Maybe somebody was scared they shot a human," he said.
Although doubts have been raised about the famous 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film footage of a purported Bigfoot -- relatives of Ray Wallace, who died in 2002, said he created 16-inch footprints and knew who was in the Bigfoot suit -- proponents say such debunking is not conclusive.
For all the snickers they may endure, Bigfoot hunters do have a reputable backer: Renowned primatologist Jane Goodall has said she is certain that Bigfoot creatures are real. She praised the scientific approach of Meldrum's 2006 book "Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science."
"I'm sure that they exist. . . . I've talked to so many Native Americans who've all described the same sounds, two who've seen them," Goodall told National Public Radio in 2002. "I'm a romantic, so I always wanted them to exist."

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This forum was formed to amass data concerning encounters with alien and supernatural forces beyond the limits of our normal experiences and perceptions.
Share your experiences with us!